Ptahokompleks NOVA

PK NOVA (Poultry Complex, Limited Liability Company) — a young and promising company. The Poultry complex is located in Kharkiv region. Despite its “youth”, it managed to win the favor and trust of consumers in the Ukrainian market of chicken production and sale.

Production facilities of PK NOVA (Limited Liability Company):
• Production site Husarivka — 361 thousand heads; one-time hatching;
• Production site Pokrovske — 243 thousand heads; one-time hatching;
• Production site Morozivka — 241 thousand heads; one-time hatching;
• Slaughter house — 3 000 heads per hour.

The Poultry Complex operates modern, high-tech equipment, which ensures hygienic cleanliness of production and allows to fully preserve the taste and healthy qualities of its product.

The floor housing technology and broiler farming, adopted by the Poultry Complex NOVA, ensures high safety and uniformity of birds, eliminates “non-standard”, and as a result, improves the quality of the final product.

A special balanced diet rich in natural proteins and vitamins guarantees high nutritional value and safety of farmed poultry.

Shipment of finished products by specialized vans equipped with refrigerator systems enables to maintain the ideal temperature of the product from a warehouse to a customer.

The Poultry Complex NOVA produces chicken meat in accordance with the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 3143: 2013 and international standards.