AIC "NOVAAGRO" offers a full range of services for transporting grain by road and by train, storage and transshipment of grain on its own elevators.

The full turnover cycle of grain, from its delivery from the field or from your warehouse to grain delivery to the port, is achieved at the expense of the company own vehicle fleet, Railway Freight Forwarding Department and four large elevators in Kharkiv region.

Transport and Freight Forwarding Department of the AIC "NOVAAGRO" will provide to the highest standard of quality and in time services for transporting and forwarding agricultural products by train, issuing support documents, certification and inspection.
Transport Department is ready to provide its own load carrying transport to transport your products across Ukraine. Our specialists of Transport Department will develop a fast and optimal route and calculate shipping costs.
Complex approach while providing our services will allow you to optimize your grain shipping and transshipment costs, reduce risks and boost security of ongoing operations.
The structure of AIC "NOVAAGRO" includes as well Vovchanskyi grain plant, which has a multipurpose line for processing buckwheat, barley, wheat and peas.

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