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Contacts of our HR managers:

+380 63 414 95 58 Victoria Melikhova
+38 093 847 45 47 Alina Slavska


NOVAAGRO Group invites technical specialists and production workers to work
to the oil extraction plant in the village Vasisheve.

We invite you to cooperate:

– production manager,
– granulator drivers,
– drivers of shredders,
– filtration equipment,
– extraction apparatus,


– fryers,
– press-squeezers,
– samplers,
– senior storekeeper,
– boiler room drivers,
– electricians,
– KVPiA locksmith
– locksmiths-repairmen,
– electric welders,
– forklift drivers.

NOVAAGRO Group invites a KAMAZ driver to team.


– work experience on a grain carrier, a semitrailer;
– rights of category C, E;
– diligence, discipline.


– transportation of grain across the Kharkiv region.

Working conditions:

– workplace in the village. Vasishchevo;
– official employment;
– timely payment of wages.

NOVAAGRO Group invites to our team Management accounting economist


  • – higher economic education;
    – work experience as an economist from 2 years;
    – confident knowledge of the computer office suite MS Office (Word, Excel), 1C: 8;
    – responsibility, punctuality, desire to grow and develop.
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– summary and analysis of data on the economic activity of the enterprise (provision of elevator services and grain processing);
– budgeting and monthly management reporting;
– understanding of the production process to accurately reflect income and expenses;
– delivery of the budget and reporting to the head on time.

NOVAAGRO Group invites to our team The chief of shop of slaughter and processing of a bird on a poultry complex (Balakleya)


  • -experience in a similar position for at least 2 years;
    -knowledge of poultry slaughter technology;
    -knowledge of technological equipment of the slaughterhouse;
    -Desirable knowledge of the program 1C.
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  • -management of technology of poultry slaughter processes;
    -control over the operation of equipment;
    -organization of accounting, preparation and timely reporting on the production activities of the shop;
    -management of production and economic activities of the shop;
    -carrying out work to improve the organization of production, its technology, mechanization and automation of production processes, prevention of shortages and improving product quality;
    -use and maintenance of HACCP.

NOVAAGRO Group invites to our team Leading Occupational Safety Engineer at the Vasishchevo Oil Extraction Plant (Vasischevo town).

Required knowledge for this position:

  • – knowledge of labor protection and fire safety legislation;
  • – confident user of MS Office;
  • – experience in a similar field is required (oil extraction plant).
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  • – control of compliance with the requirements of regulatory legal acts on labor protection and fire safety at the enterprise;
  • – interaction with regulatory authorities;
  • – organization and control of medical examinations;
  • – organization of training and testing of knowledge of employees of the enterprise on labor protection and fire safety.

NOVAAGRO Group invites the Production Manager of the Vasishchevo Oil Extraction Plant (Vasishchevo town) to team.


– work experience at an oil extraction plant, food production;
– normative and methodological materials on operational management of production;
– technical requirements for manufactured products, technology of their production;
– production equipment of the shop and the rules for its correct technical operation;
– systems and methods of accounting for the production process;
– fundamentals of economics, organization of production, labor and management;
– the basics of labor legislation.


– to ensure the implementation of shift production tasks by divisions of the enterprise (workshops and departments);
– organization of timely preparation of production, rational loading and operation of equipment;
– to carry out work on the search and organization of the use of additional production reserves to increase labor productivity, reduce the cost of production;
– analysis of the results of production activities of the enterprise per shift;
– control of compliance with technological, industrial and labor discipline, rules and regulations of labor protection;
– coordination of the work of the main technological and auxiliary services.

NOVAAGRO Group of Companies invites a Logistics Manager to team.


– higher specialized education;
– work experience in a similar field and position;
– confident PC user (1C required);
– purposefulness, sociability; a responsibility.



– organization and coordination of cargo transportation;
– drawing up routes for the transportation of goods;
– management of warehouse stocks and orders;
– reception and control of vehicles;
– coordination of the work of drivers;
– distribution of goods in the warehouse.