Dream Library

Many of us think about charity. We can observe its various manifestations: somebody, while sitting in his/her own car at the traffic light, may dispense charity to a begger near the car, others may feed a homeless man who stands in the McDonald’s restaurant, somebody may contribute money to an orphanage or a charity fund.

This year the group of companies “Novaagro” did not stay aside and joined the wonderful, nowadays, project — the Dream Library. After all, in the time of the Internet, few children are drawn to the printed publication, and the project helps to enrich libraries in orphanages and bring back the love of books.

Our company’s representatives visited two children’s centres — Izium Centre for Social and Psychological Children Rehabilitation and the Balakliya Centre for Social and Psychological Children Rehabilitation.

Lots of impressions! Different. We were delighted to help the children, to create libraries for them and provide them with board and educational games. And at the same time it was very sad to hear their stories and learnt what had happened to them.

We played games with the children, sang songs, they told poems, and read their favorite tales. When we were about to leave, they thanked us with self made gifts. It was so nice and cute. The children genuinely enjoyed the books and thanked us for the games and sweets we had brought.

Many thanks to Christina Kyrychenko, the Project Coordinator, who helped to organize our trips and, of course, the Dream Library Project for the opportunity to help children and be a part of the wonderful project!