GC “NOVAAGRO” acquired the Vasishchevsky oil extraction plant

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine allowed the NOVAAGRO group of companies to acquire assets in the form of an integral property complex, consisting of movable and immovable property, an oil extraction plant located in the village of Vasishchevo, Kharkiv Oblast.

This is evidenced by the corresponding decision of the AMCU.

According to the document, the acquisition of assets provides the opportunity to carry out economic activities for the processing of oilseeds (sunflower) and the production of unrefined sunflower oil and sunflower meal.

The acquisition of the asset makes NOVAAGRO a participant in a new direction for the company – the market of fat and oil products. This direction is a logical continuation of the processing of agricultural products, especially considering the location of the plant in the Kharkov region.

The capacity of the oil extraction plant is 180 thousand tons of sunflower per year, and the produced oil and meal will be exported.

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