Our journey began with acquaintance with the historical sights of a cozy Ivano-Frankivsk, then we moved to the Hutsul Brewery in the village of Mykulychyn, learned a lot of interesting facts about the technology of beer making and tasted the beer “Medovoye”. In the evening, we put up at a hotel, checked out equipment, held a meeting during which Sergii Morenko explained the whole team in detail what awaited us and how to deal with it! The following day at 7am we were already rushing to the village of Koz’meshchyk to start the main part of our program: climbing up Petros (2020m). Some of us climbed up Hoverla last year, then we were lucky with the weather, we literally ran up the mountain. This year force of nature roared a few days before our event.
For the team of our guides this was the first mass climb, there were 123 people in our team, with different levels of training. With such a nasty weather it was difficult to predict the development of events: from time to time the rain broke out and we were squelching through the mud while descending. And finally, at 14.40, the last members of our group climbed up the mountain. It was especially windy and rainy on the mountain top, so after a short ceremony of awarding medals
by Alpomania, a short photo shoot session, hugs and congratulations to each other, we started descending under the efficient guidance of our experienced guides.          After descending, the only conversations we had that we had done it! This was in all senses a real team work, and for Alpomania it was also a kind of team building.

                                                We appreciate Alpomania for their professional support, an interesting route and a pleasant company!