The “Creative Birdhouse” competition took place in Izum.

“NOVAKORM” LLC and non-governmental organization “Fund of Good Deeds” on June 1, 2019 summed up the results and awarded all the participants
of the children. A “Creative Birdhouse” in the town of Izyum and the charity auction “Do Good Things Together”. The works executed by the pupils of
1-11 forms of the comprehensive schools of the town of Izyum, by the parents and teachers were accepted for the auction and sold. All the money obtained from the
birdhouse sale will be used to purchase equipment for the “Izyum Inclusive- Resource Center”  where children with special needs, with muscle-skeleton disorder
in particular, can receive special development services. The contest “A Creative Birdhouse” by “NOVAKORM” LLC supported by the Regional State
Administration was held for the second year in a row.
You can see the works presented below.