NOVAKORM (Limited Liability Company) is the largest producer of high-quality compound feed in Kharkiv region. Our production base is the Compound Feed Plant (CFP), Chkalovske village, Chuhuiv district, Kharkiv region.

NOVAKORM offers high-quality balanced complete mix for efficient feeding of all species, gender and age groups of agricultural livestock and domestic animals throughout the period of their handling. Compound feeds include only selected raw materials tested in the CFP laboratory, which meet the tightest European standards and norms. Compound feed is produced on high-tech equipment under the close supervision of a certified technological laboratory, which allows us to provide products of the highest quality.

Complete ration feeds are produced in the form of special grains or pellets, with optimal particle sizes for each age. Compulsory compound feed pelletizing is the key to the minimum cost of feed per unit of meat production. Due to a high temperature and moisturizing during steaming and pressing, the nutritional value of feed is increased due to dextrinization of starch and partial denaturation of proteins. Since feed pelletizing takes place at extremely permissible temperatures, this helps to preserve all useful active substances and vitamins. Pelletized compound feed production also has a number of important advantages: increased bulk weight, feeds are well transported by mechanical and pneumatic transport without breaking uniformity, they are convenient for bulk transport and complete mechanization of feed distribution on farms. Pelletized feed is better stored, since within the pelletizing process there is a partial, but substantial disinfection of feed.

Products of the company NOVAKORM manufactured under the trademark ТМ BIOLIFE, ТМ NOVAAGRO, TM EKOLINE are environmentally friendly organic products with a 100% safety guarantee. Using ТМ BIOLIFE, ТМ NOVAAGRO, TM EKOLINE compound feeds any consumer, beginning with a large industrial production of livestock or poultry to a small farm or private household, provides one’s animals with all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. TOV NOVAKORM compound feed stands for the excellent health of your livestock, the maximum intensity of its growth, a quick economic effect and excellent taste qualities of your products.

Production capacities of NOVAKORM:
• The Compound Feed Plant — up to 300 tons of products per day.
Production of NOVAKORM is certified according to ISO 22000:2018.